Heidelburg in 30 Seconds

羊年快樂! 在竹蓮寺搶頭香

 | 羊年快樂! 在竹蓮寺搶頭香

Happy Lunar New Year. Wish everyone peace, love and great adventures!

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Re Camera fun

garden eel

I was recently given a HTC Re Camera. Although the shape originally made me think of garden eels, it’s great to use. It can take stills, video, time-lapse and live-feed to the web, and has a fantastic wide angle lens.

I like the fish-eye effect, but you can switch that off if you like. Here are some photos I took in sunny 台南 last weekend:

Sea, Sand and Sun: Islands & The East Coast

One of the many lovely things about living in tropical Taiwan is visiting the seaside and the smaller Taiwanese islands. In recent months I have been to 小琉球 (Lamoy Island), 澎湖 (Penghu), 馬祖 (Matzu) and 阿朗壹古道 (A-Lan-Yi Trail in Taitung).

Each has it’s own special characteristics and magic, but the most wonderful

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Lovely cheesecake is quick and easy to make and it doesn’t require the oven. I was planning to write this years ago but each time I make cheesecake I judge quantities by eye and taste, making the ingredients list uncertain! Anyway, here we go…

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Congratulations to 端傑 and 婷讌

Congratulations to 端傑 (Jerry) and 婷讌 (Winnie) who held their wedding celebration today in Taipei. Wish you both peace and happiness always.

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